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Top Learning is one of the successful training companies, headquartered in London, offering a wide range of educational services which includes live one to one online training, private teaching and distance learning on a wide range of subjects, languages, exam preparation courses and soft skills. Students from many countries of the world benefit from our world class training and related  services. In addition to the online learning,we also operate through our associate training centres in different parts of the world providing offline training,private tuition,e-learning, test preparation courses, distance learning,soft skill training,language training , British english classes and other educational services.

The uniqueness and quality of our online one to one training and e-learning have always reaped success and opportunities to widen our services throughout the world. With the help of our experienced online trainers, proven training methodology and the use of most modern technology, Top Learning aims to provide top quality learning and support to its students at all times.We, at Top Learning, empower career aspirants with the extra skills and qualifications that are relevant to their work or higher study. For instance, our IELTS online learning program is one of the widely sought after courses among students, professionals, corporate executives and others planning to take IELTS test.Top Learning's online soft skills and job skills training program also helped students to excel in their chosen careers.

Whether you choose our language courses,marketing or IELTS training, you would be benefited from one of the best online learning and distance learning programs in the UK.We have one of the best online faculty in the world and use the most modern technology to provide the ultimate learning experience to our students.
Top Learning always carries the idea of excellence in education and endeavour to help students materialise their goals through relentless effort.Top Learning use latest online learning tools to teach our students in a proficient and effective manner.




The IELTS preparation course offered by us , helps thousands of students every year, to clear IELTS test successfully.Our online IELTS preparation is more popular among those preparing for IELTS exam because of its flexible and effective training methodology and world class coaching.



Online training - How it works ?

We use the latest online training and e-learning technology, which allows us to provide live one to one training to our students over the internet. Our system allows our online trainers and students to engage in live conversations, document viewing/sharing and working on documents on a real time basis. This is a very simple browser based system with no major software downloads. All you need is a computer, a broadband connection and a few hours to spend at your convenience.This is very much similar to having a teacher near by you.Top Learning online library is accessible to all our students 24/7. TRY IT FREE

Call 0044 8454672604 for further details

Please send us an email to support@toplearningonline.com for any queries.




Associate Training Programmes


If you are looking to expand or start your business in the training industry, look no further, join hands with Top Learning as one of our Associate Training Centres and guarantee your business growth and establish yourself in the training industry.


Benefit from the successful and proven training models and methodology from Top Learning - a UK based training company. Reduce your overheads and expand your services in your area of operation. As Top Learning takes the responsibility of the training delivery, you are guaranteed a hassle free environment, free of risks with a quality matching international standards.




The following programmes are conducted jointly with our associates in different parts of the world.


 1.Accredited & University level Distance Learning/Online courses

We are planning to launch accredited courses and university level distance learning programmes 


2.Overseas Student Placement



We place students at various universities and colleges in UK and Ireland for highly demanding courses.



Top Learning invites global business associations from training companies, recruitment companies and related organisations in the educational sector. Entrepreneurs are also welcome. Our associates can run the above programmes jointly with us in their area of operation.





E-mail : director@toplearningonline.com

Skype: toplearninguk



Our Associates :


1. Cambridge Seminars College, Cambridge 

2. Havering College, London

3. ISBS, London

4. National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland



Top Learning would welcome interest from investors and funders who wish to explore potential financing.

Please contact us to know more about our educational events, workshops and seminars.



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We are recruiting online tutors for IELTS,French,Spanish,German,Maths,English,Management,Marketing,Accounts and Malayalam.

Candidates with sufficient qualification and experience in online training may apply with their recent CV.

E-mail :   info@toplearningonline.com  

Phone: 0044 7723307263 Skype: toplearninguk



Top Learning is looking for sales agents and marketing executives interested in offering their services on a self-employed basis.  Selling our courses is a challenging yet flexible task to be carried out with the opportunity to win prizes as well as earning extremely good commission.


Dynamic individuals who can build strong partnerships with entrepreneurs,professionals and training companies for our associate training model, students, schools or colleges in their area for our online training model should send their CV to info@toplearningonline.com.



Top Learning  is currently seeking courseware for all our programmes. If you are the owner of high quality courseware and are interested in providing the same to Top Learning,  please get in touch.


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I’ve bought the Top Learning package to prepare for IELTS. It let me to get an overall band 8 (List 8, Read 9, Wr 7, Sp 8). In particular I was very happy with my tutor, always available to correct my essays and for further explanations. During the lectures we focused on the speaking module, doing a lot of one-to-one practice, which was great value for money compared to the hall lectures commonly offered elsewhere.

By    Riccardo Pianeti, Italy

Prior to enrolling in Malayalam tutoring with Top Learning I studied on my own but could not progress much further than learning the alphabet and a vocabulary of a few hundred words. (I had the handicap of not knowing any Indian language.)

During my tutoring with Top Learning, I expanded my vocabulary and learned grammar, verb conjugation, and sentence structure. I can now understand, compose, and translate sentences. I also learned about Malayalee culture and traditions.

The knowledge and skills gained during my tutoring sessions enhanced my latest annual vacation to Kerala. The locals responded very well to my efforts to communicate them in Malayalam. I plan to continue my tutoring with Top Learning and expect that my next trip to Kerala will be even better

By    Keith Lifton , Arlington, Virginia, USA

It’s going to be a great weekend for me! Let me share with you why:

Speaking 8.5, Listening 8.5, Reading 6.5, Writing 7!

Overall: 7.5!!!

I am so happy! And it’s all because of the live coaching by Top Learning!

Thank you so much. I am so grateful!!

By    Dileep, Alberta, Canada